The Racing Apex core team consists of two developers who have over 20 years experience between them in the games industry and are credited on shipped titles such as Burnout Legends, Burnout Paradise, Midnight club LA Remix and many more. This experience making racing games is being utilized in Racing Apex, to add modern gameplay elements to the classic solid polygon art style.

Trevor Ley - Lucky Mountain Games founder

Worked as a 3D artist at EA on a number of titles including Burnout Dominator. When at Sony Trevor worked on the driving sections of Eight Days with ex Getaway and Burnout devs. While at Rockstar London he worked on Midnight Club LA Remix among other titles. After starting Lucky Mountain Games Trevor has worked on a number of titles for Indie and AAA developers.

John Humphries - Onyx Digital Studio founder

While at EA John worked on Burnout Dominator and Burnout Paradise among other titles. John was the Lead Technical Environment Artist on APB. After starting Onyx Digital Studios John has worked on a wide range of titles for a number of developers including IPs for BMW and Renault. http://www.onyxdigitalstudios.co.uk/

Music: Jason Heine - Heine House Entertainment http://heinehouseentertainment.com/
Music: Waterflame http://www.waterflamemusic.com/
Animation: Robin Butler http://3drjb.com/
Character Design: Ben Stevens
Male Voices: Patrick Seymour http://patrickmseymour.co.nr/
Female Voices: Kira Buckland http://www.kirabuckland.com/
Programmer: Javier Carrion http://www.brixtondynamics.co.uk
Programmer: Mark Ripley - Psygnomi